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30 - August - 2022

For the past few years, multiple large corporations have been producing some of the best video advertisements and viral videos as part of their marketing strategy.
It may seem scary for a small or medium-sized business to create short marketing videos, given the intense competition in the market. However, small businesses can also make the best of video advertisements.

With a little ingenuity, your brand can create fantastic marketing videos highlighting your business’s strengths. So, check out the most famous video storytelling examples to get some ideas.

Why Is Video Marketing So Successful?

Well, everyone enjoys watching videos.
Compared to text alone, they are more fun to read, easy to absorb and transmit information quickly. 
With the use of music and pictures, a video may better engage your target audience, keeping their interest and arousing it.

People are becoming so accustomed to utilizing video that many anticipate finding it when looking for your products and services. 
This is feasible due to the growth of video content on social media platforms like TikTok, Instagram, and Snapchat as well as increased communication on Zoom, FaceTime, and WhatsApp.

How To Create Short Marketing Videos for Successful Campaigns?

Every other digital video marketing agency concurs that a video marketing strategy must provide the viewers with some kind of value in order to be successful. 
This value frequently comes from an intense emotional connection, whether it is touching or humorous.

Given this, a few common traits have been identified in some of the most notable video marketing campaigns in recent years, including:  

    - They are concise and it takes them about 60 seconds to convey a message that will leave a lasting impression.
    - The videos pass the silent video test, which entails grabbing the audience's attention within the first five seconds, even if it is muted.
    - Because of its relatability, viewers are compelled to share the video with their friends and family.
    - They rely on storytelling to create a background story that subtly highlights the benefits offered by a product or service.
    - Rather than promoting the product or service, they concentrate on stirring up emotions.


Here is a bonus tip on how to create short marketing videos that the pros won’t tell you:
What if you could make a video that not only explains how your products and services operate but also aids in the elimination of bad-fit leads, saving your sales team the time they would have otherwise wasted pursuing them?
You're not only describing the ins and outs of working with your company but also making yourself more appealing to your leads who are a good fit.  

The remaining leads will know you are an open and trustworthy company once you address who you are not a suitable fit for.
The most effective product and service videos identify who your products and services aren't a suitable fit for as well as facts about the product or service.

Seven Famous Video Marketing Examples of All Times

Every corporate video production house can benefit from the below-mentioned popular examples of video marketing.  

  1. Sephora

    With the use of a frank video that shows the before-and-after effects on a model influencer, Sephora uses social media channels to get in front of customers.

    Brands can effectively demonstrate the value of their products by imitating Sephora. As a result, marketers have regarded it as one of the best Instagram ads for video marketing strategy.

  2. Travelers Insurance  

    Insurance firms are infamous for choosing humorous approaches in their advertisements. Because how else could a product that is only required in the event of a catastrophe be advertised?

    With this YouTube ad, Travelers Insurance attempted something unique.

    The brand conveyed the tale of a businessman leaving his daughter his legacy—the family business. Because they had insurance to rebuild the store after a natural disaster, they were able to achieve that.

    We haven't seen many insurance advertisements use the idea of legacy. That's why it works so well: it's heartwarming without inciting dread.

  3. Training Mask

    With some products, it's crucial to demonstrate the item in use. Even though this video is brief, it effectively conveys the message, especially to potential customers. 

    This is a niche product for a niche market that is committed to training and improvement. 

    Their market rises before dawn to train and repeats the process for one grand moment of glory and countless smaller ones along the way.

  4. Coca-Cola

    The busy routine of numerous workers, including present wrappers, grocery baggers, and waiters, is shown in this video during the busiest days of the holiday season. 

    It provides us with a fresh understanding of how a season, that for some, is all about family and friends, can also be a season of labor for others.

    Coca-Cola finally surprises the employees with gifts as a "thank you" for their hard work. The holidays naturally bring out our best selves. 

    The advertisement appeals to the part of us that feels good when good people are rewarded for their efforts by reminding the audience that Christmas is supposed to be the "season of giving."

  5. Dove

    The beauty business has experienced a small uprising. Some viewers want to put perfection behind them and welcome genuineness and inclusion.

    This video ad reverses the entire process of a girl getting ready, taking, editing, and publishing a selfie. 

    The video finishes with a straightforward shot of the girl, whose youth is immediately apparent when we see her bare, unedited face. 
    "The pressure of social media is damaging our girls' self-esteem," the slogan claims.

    Unedited photographs are gradually making a comeback as social media filters become more widespread. 

    But as Dove correctly depicted, we must deal with the current problem in the interim—and it's igniting that discussion.

  6. Reddit

    Reddit made money despite taking a big risk. It made a five-second Super Bowl ad investment.

    It started off with what seemed to be some simple auto advertising, changed to a shaky screen, read some text, then cut to horses galloping over a field.

    The advertisement was so vague that people thought it was an accident.
    And that gets noticed when a major event like the Super Bowl is taking place. But it was over in a flash.

    Viewers eager to learn what had just happened swarmed social media.

    And when they got there, there was a Reddit Tweet waiting for them, which has since been viewed more than 465,000 times on the social media platform.

    Get inspiration from Reddit to introduce your brand through local video production.

  7. Reebok

    Reebok wants us to consistently use the remaining 25,915 days of our lives to respect and challenge our bodies' physical boundaries.   

    Although there are no spoken words in their video advertising the #HonorYourDays campaign, the message is loud and clear: honor the body you've been given and make the most of your days.
    The video traces one lady's history by running backwards, starting with her participation in the Reebok-sponsored Spartan Race as a middle-aged woman, moving on to her involvement in track in high school, and ending with her first day of life.

    It's a fantastic approach for Reebok to convey their brand objective, which is to change how people view and feel about fitness at every age, and to reassure customers that they'll be there to meet their demands for athletic gear for the rest of their lives.

It’s Time to Use These Effective Video Marketing Examples in Your Upcoming Campaign

There are several ways to use your video marketing efforts to increase sales, including SEO, social media, content marketing, demo videos, and more.
If you've read this far, you already know how effective video marketing is for increasing brand exposure. 
Even if your brand is small and doesn't have access to a digital marketing team, publishing images or writing copy alone won't always produce the desired results as customer tastes shift.

We can assist if you're prepared to begin creating the ideal video advertisements for your company. 
We can help you with video marketing strategy, SEO for video marketing, and much more. Our team has many years of expertise in corporate video production in Dubai. 
Looking to create short marketing videos that make a mark? Or want to know how to improve TikTok video quality? Or searching for the best Facebook video marketing tips?  

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