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One of The Leading Film Production Companies in Dubai

We're here to help you transform your 360° concepts into reality with services from pre-planning, to shooting, to post-production and app creation. As an early adopter of this medium, Overlight, one of the best film production companies in Dubai, has years of experience in 360 video production.

Interactive video is commonly used in foreign brand promotions, music videos, TV and movies, athletics, corporate training, leisure, and more. Brands will hit a massive audience of 2 billion mobile users with the lowest barrier to entry of any VR content, who can watch 360 videos even without a VR headset.

In sports, music, and festivals, Overlight is one of the leading live 360 film production companies in Dubai, providing live 360 video production services to brand-name consumers. As acknowledged industry leaders, we are the only business producing cameras and professional 360 video equipment.

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Why We Are Among the Best 360 Production Houses in Dubai

For Overlight, as one of the film production companies in Dubai, complex motion is the paramount. We discover from the thousands of demonstrations we have given that people don't only want to sit back and watch an event passively, they want to be a part of it! We produce steady (yet exciting) motion using drones, cable cams and remote-controlled dolly systems to bring otherwise boring material to life!

We constantly explore the bounds of what is physically and creatively feasible. For starters, we designed the world's live 360, broadcast quality drone, capable of broadcasting seamless, zero latency 6K from the sky in 360 footage.  

We invented 360 live multi-camera productions, 360 remote controlled motion track cameras, stabilized gyro crowd cameras, 360 remote controlled rovers, and complex backhaul microwave cameras (getting internet service to remote locations). For your next live 360 production, we are able to use this incredible package and experience... no matter where it is. 

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Expertise of Our Video Production Dubai Company

Our 360 imaging services contain 360° HDR images of high quality. Create your Street View listing, edit it, and post it. Enhance your profile on social media and encourage your online business. Encourage and extend your clients with new engagements.

360 Video Editing by Film Production Companies in Dubai
A whole new notion is editing without a picture. We've worked out how to better choreograph the orientation of and scene with years of practice, ensuring that audiences experience it as we imagined.

360 Motion Graphics
To view correctly inside spherical material without warping, names, logos, and animations require special tools and distortion. We may assist with the construction of these assets or work with you to transform current assets for use in 360.

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Re-Live Exciting Moments with 360 Video Production Company Dubai

Busy organizing the next thing for you? For events big and small, we provide event services. Our programs will benefit for weddings, live music, and even group meetups. Video projections, lighting, and effects enhance the mood. Using both 360 and conventional channels, full event coverage. Promote the recording and photography efforts.

Working on a project involving multimedia? We offer specialized facilities for recording and editing. Our programs will all benefit from music videos, lectures, and other film productions. With competent lighting, editing, and effects, boost your media. 

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Innovate, Adapt and Integrate with Animation Studios in Dubai Media City

With a strong focus on narrative, our film production companies in Dubai specialize in interactive 360 and Augmented Reality video creation. Agencies for consulting, preparation and creation of video productions for their brands and consumers also prefer us.

Our film production companies in Dubai take pride in being rigging professionals. We have the tools to make things possible and the knowledge to know what works, whether you need to get a 360 camera on a yacht, a racing car, a helicopter, a pro athlete, a stunt plane or even under the water.