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We can help you with the production of animated videos, explainer videos, broadcast videos, and a variety of other types of videos. From the initial video to the finished result, our team is here to help.  

Our team can create anything, from a single compelling animated movie to a collection of demo videos promoting a connected set of items. But what sets us apart is our capacity to recognize your particular business requirements and create specialized custom assets. To bring your tale to life in any medium, our video production team uses unique artwork, top-notch graphics, motion, writing, storyboards, music, and voice acting.

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Corporate & Commercial Video Production

We recognize the significance of appropriately representing your brand. Our staff works closely with you to develop engaging corporate videos that clearly convey your message, highlight your goods or services, and appeal to your target market.  

We make sure that every component, from scriptwriting and filming to editing and post-production, represents your business identity and goals.

Moreover, our staff is skilled at producing captivating ads that make an impact. In order to create ads that catch the audience's attention, arouse feelings, and encourage customer involvement, we blend storytelling, visual effects, and top-notch production skills.  

We walk you through every step of the process, from concept creation to distribution, to make sure your ad stands out from the crowd.

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Animation and Motion Graphics

The animation and motion graphics services at Overlight are just what you need if you want to inject some originality and imagination into your movies.  

Your films will be aesthetically appealing and unforgettable because of the spectacular animations, 2D/3D visuals, and visual effects that our professional animators and designers create. We use seamless motion graphics to bring your ideas to life in explainer videos, product demos, or immersive animations.

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Event Coverage

When it comes to event coverage in Dubai, Overlight is your trusted partner. Contact us right now to discuss your demands for video production and let us bring your ideas to life with originality, excellence, and professionalism.

We take care to meticulously and creatively capture every crucial moment, producing high-quality videos that let you remember the event and share it with your audience.

Our team's thorough event coverage captures the soul of your event, from corporate gatherings and conferences to product launches and trade exhibits.  

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Why Overlight’s Video Production Services Are Better Than the Rest

Professional Team
The talented team of directors, editors, animators, and videographers at Overlight is passionate about producing excellent videos that adhere to your specific needs.

Advanced Technology
We offer great visual material that stands out by utilizing cutting-edge techniques for video production.

Customized Approach 
We are aware that every job is different. We work together with you to comprehend your objectives, style of operation, and target market so that we may individually design our services to meet your requirements.

Quick Delivery
We appreciate your time. With the help of our effective production method, we can produce your videos on time without sacrificing their quality.

Affordable Prices
We provide affordable price packages without sacrificing the caliber of our offerings, making expert video production available to companies of all sizes.

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Businesses and individuals who want to produce high-caliber videos that engage people must collaborate with a professional video production company.  

We have the knowledge, tools, and artistic vision necessary to make your ideas a reality. Our team guarantees a smooth workflow, outstanding outcomes, and an engaging end result from concept creation through post-production. Count on Overlight to handle your video production requirements and give you a strong tool to engage viewers and accomplish your objectives.