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Leading Web Series Production Company in Dubai

We create engaging web series content for brands across a wide range of industries. Our committed and imaginative team works to give your brand the recognition it deserves and its reputation. All these are coming at a very affordable cost to you, unlike other film production companies in Dubai.

We have a skilled team that includes writers, directors, cinematographers, animators, audio engineers, videographers and editors that can manage a wide variety of productions from small one videographer shoots to large-scale multi-crew productions.

Our talented team indulges in imaginative storytelling skills, has unparalleled technological expertise, and can narrate a story through web shows/ TV series.

As one of the leading web series film production companies in Dubai, we concentrate on catching the attention of the viewer while also delivering top-notch content. The web series we create gives the brand a product that interacts with the intended audience at a level that's hard to do with other types of advertisement.

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Certified Web Series Production Company

Overlight Production takes tremendous artistic storytelling talent, groundbreaking production expertise and camera skills to tell a brand's story as a certified web series film production companies in Dubai.

In order to catch the interest of the viewer, we strive to concentrate on the premise of the series while also giving the content a "sponsored" atmosphere that places the company in the spotlight.

The web series we produce give the company a related consistency that interacts at a degree that is difficult to achieve with some other types of advertisement with the intended audience.

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Branded Web Series at Our Professional Web Series Company

When it comes to branded web series creations and film production companies in Dubai, Overlight Production has one of the best artistic teams in the industry. Our creative concepts, framing experience, where to concentrate and multi-camera shooting style help us to adapt rapidly when filming a form of production run and gun in often unexpected circumstances.

Our ability to design and storyboard content, on the other hand, is a strength we have gained from years of commercial production and helps us to be accurate in our storytelling.

The consistency of our work gives the look and feel of a branded web series that interacts with viewers. Throughout the production, our ability to capture breathtaking images helps us to have multiple choices in the cutting room and still gives us the chance to produce a flawless and professional final product.

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What Makes Us Different from Other Film Production Companies in Dubai?

At Overlight Production, we focus on paying attention to the attention of the viewer when demonstrating the video material in the optimal way possible. As one of Dubai’s leading web series production companies, we ensure that the reputation and recognition it deserves is granted to your brand.

Contact us directly to add creative visual effects and exclusive concepts at incredibly affordable rates to your web series! We provide consumers with varying budgets with a production facility for web series.

It is our fascination with the consistency of our services that has helped us draw some of the finest filmmakers and most promising young talent to Overlight, and our confidence in the value of a good narrative.

·      Overlight is a multi award winning production agency

·      The best film production companies in Dubai that tell great stories

·      Passion, integrity and style

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The Leading Producers of Short Film Digital Series In UAE

Overlight Productions is one of the best film production companies in Dubai known for creating quality artistic work in the form of films and web series. We are planning the whole project right from the outset, i.e. the plot, which also involves the release of the film/web series.

Overlight works mainly with films in the UAE short film industry and also creates Arabic and English language web series. When it comes to producing a script or a web series, we're a one-stop shop.

The power of storytelling and cinematography across web series has been developed by our web series production house team.

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Best Film Production Companies in Dubai— Cinematography Skills & Technical Expertise

More and more viewers are inclined to watch the web series of innovative web technologies supported by the impactful social media, since it can be easily viewed by them anytime at any time.

The availability of extensive material from short films and series from different languages makes web series a first choice of entertainment for film buffs ranging across the globe at numerous locations.

We are proud to provide all the required sources for making an exciting web series or a web film as one of the leading web series production companies. To narrate a good story via web series, our phenomenal crew includes matchless cinematography skills and technical expertise.