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23 - August - 2022

It doesn’t matter if you are starting a new business or looking to expand your brand reach, all of your brand related photos represent your brand imagery\profile, and that’s why you need to pay attention. 
Now let’s see why it’s important and why we should handle it technically.

Enhancing Brand-Related Photos Professionally  

The proper steps can help you reach your goal easily. For enhancing brand-related photos, the given tips will help you proceed professionally.

Using High-Resolution Photos

high resolution photo shooting

The brands we know are always associated with high-resolution photos taken by professional photographers. Which is linked with their brand messaging to convey their message sufficiently, and that is why they need high-quality photos. 
Research has shown that when brands upload high-resolution photos on the web, they generate more revenue. This is because people prefer to view brand-related content in a higher-quality setting.

So, your brand needs to have high-resolution photos taken by professional photographers with excellent quality cameras.

Using More Than One Image  

If your company allows you to display more than one photo, then it better for you. Because usually, people want to see 360 angles of the product focusing on the texture and other details. You can make a whole video also.
Adding more pictures can give the customer more trust, and you’ll also not get confused in choosing the right shot. 
Give an organic background and zoomed shots; try to make the picture describe the aim of the work.

Pay Attention to Lighting  


Lighting could be the key if you want your images to be attractive and pop out. It seems to be easy, but it’s not really that easy. The thing the photographers put the most effort into is the lighting setup. 
It would be best if you said no to darkness; shady areas in midday could be a good choice as it stops direct sunlight. 
If you are taking photos in the dark, you may need a DSLR or help from the professionals. Using a phone won’t make it work; you will need extra lighting for a good quality image. 

Choosing the Right Shot

Are you not getting the perfect shot instantly? Of course, it would take several shots and consume time. But don’t worry, you will be going to get it ideally.  
To take the right shot, make sure you have the right angle. It will help if you take the right angle, which shows all the details of your product.

If you’re at an event, don’t only focus on the crowds. Try to show the stage forward because crowds have become too usual, and you need to make something unique. Give details to the images through some editing and make them as unique as possible!

Selecting a Proper Background  

Attention! You not only need to focus on the main piece, but the background is also necessary. 
If you’re going to ignore the background, then don’t think of getting the right image.  

Try to use the opposite color of the product for the background. If the product has dark tones, choose a background with light tone. 
In many cases, white makes the product pop up when it has a dark tone.
Using a plain background will be a little bit boring. So, try to use a different type of pattern to spice up the look! But; be careful it needs to look clean, not messy.

Focus on the Right Camera  

Having a high-end camera can make your image more soothing and attractive in a certain way. 
However, buying an expensive camera doesn’t mean it will give you excellent results.
You need to research for the best one; it’ll not be easy. 

Usually, people use professional cameras, but it’s not important if the image is going to be posted on social media. So, place a little bit of creativity in your mind while capturing pictures.

Color Theory for Branding Photos  

Each color used in the image impacts how your brand is perceived. The appropriate color for each brand must be determined because it varies depending on the orientation of your brand.
Color psychology is powerful. The right colors can make consumers feel connected to your brand, while the wrong colors can leave them disappointed or uninterested.

The key to choosing the best photo colors is knowing what emotions you want people to feel when they see your images and then selecting colors to help achieve those feelings.

The Concept of 'Negative Space’

Negative space is one of the most important concepts in photography. It's a technique that can be used to create powerful images and should be used by every photographer.
Negative space is an image area that isn't occupied by subject matter. It provides balance and contrast to the composition while simultaneously drawing attention to the subject matter. The negative space in a photo can also provide information about the subject, like what it looks like or how it was positioned in relation to other objects in the photo.

When you're photographing an object or person, try positioning them at the right spot, so there is some empty space around them or somewhere nearby where they are standing. This will help add depth and interest to your photograph without using other techniques!

Macro- Mode for Enhancing Brand Imagery  


The use of macro-mode can help your further in this mission. 
Macro- mode is founded on cameras and represented by a flower symbol.  

We are suggesting this because it’ll give an excellent texture to your close-up shots.  

Final Words  

There are several things you can do to take your photos from good to great. As you’ve seen throughout this blog, there are so many ways that you can make your photos look more 
professional and improve the overall brand aesthetic.
All these tips you’ve found are by professional photographers at Overlight company. Following all these points, we are 100% sure you’ll get high-rating images for your brand.

If you want to know more about enhancing your brand-related photos, give us a call at +971 55 618 8215.