Why are 360 production services essential for real estate business?

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08 - November - 2022

Nowadays, buyers prefer a complete picture of the homes they want to buy, thanks to the rise of 360 real estate photography. This is very useful in a post-pandemic era because it allows potential buyers to choose between a 360 virtual tour and in-person open houses.

Now that new and improved 360 virtual tours appear in the best real estate listings. So, the question is, what exactly are 360 Production Services for real estate businesses in Dubai? What's the deal with this decade-old service that has suddenly become popular and growing in recent years?

What are the 360 Production Services for Real Estate Businesses? 

360 degree

360 real estate photography is a technique for combining digital images to create a fully immersive and interactive experience of a specific space that can be viewed on a computer or mobile device. It has become one of the most effective methods of presenting a property for sale or renting online without seeing it in person.
The digital space is created with 360 real estate photography by taking multiple shots from every angle around the room, then stitching the photos together to create one seamless image. This allows viewers to see all four walls and the ceiling and floor in the space. Viewers can also virtually move around the space (as if they were standing there).

In addition, 360 production services focus on creating amazing videos for real estate businesses, including aerial angle videos.

The Ascension of 360-Degree Real Estate Production Services

According to the National Association of Realtors' 2020 Profile of Home Buyers and Sellers, the global pandemic has accelerated changes in homebuyers' behaviors. For example, some real estate companies reported a 278% increase in demand for 360 virtual tours during the pandemic. And industry experts believe that the high demand for 360 real estate photography will continue.
So, why have 360 production services become so popular?  
It's mainly because three areas have seen significant improvements:

    - Image Quality.
    - Immersion.
    - Plan of the Floor.

Let's take a quick look at each advancement to better understand the rise of 360 real estate production services.

Image Quality

360-degree angle view of the home interior

One of the primary reasons for the dramatic increase in demand for 360 real estate Production Services is the remarkable improvement in image quality.
Before 360 productions, most sellers and renters were satisfied with traditional photography, which consisted of a single shot of the room taken by a real estate agent. This type of photography, however, fell short of providing viewers with an immersive experience of the space. As a result, buyers and sellers needed clarification on what they were looking at.

In contrast, today's 360 real estate photography is of the highest quality, thanks to technological advances. With the availability of various 360-degree cameras, virtual tours of all types can now be created with high-end resolution and improved clarity. This is fantastic news for sellers and agents, as 360 real estate photography allows them to showcase their spaces from every angle by stitching together multiple high-quality images. 


360 Degree spherical panorama sphere photo

360-degree photography lets viewers "step inside."
Potential buyers can now easily step inside a virtual space and explore it thanks to 360 real estate photography.
Because of 360-degree cameras that allow the viewer to see all four walls in the space and the ceiling and floor, potential buyers can now virtually walk through their favorite home listings as if they were there.
With a wide range of 360 cameras to choose from and new editing platforms that deliver a flawless, interactive home experience, 360 photography and videography is the biggest game changer in real estate marketing.

Plan of the Floor

360 Photography Provides an Accurate Home Layout
Beyond image quality and immersion, 360 real estate videography adds value by providing an accurate home floor plan. This is accomplished in post-production at a low (if any) cost and using the appropriate editing software.
A detailed floor plan is valuable to any professional real estate listing. Some viewers will even fast-forward through slideshows of the property to get to the last image, which is usually a picture of the home's floor plan. In addition, the dimensions of each room are sometimes included in the floor plan.

Finally, an accurate floor plan can entice potential buyers to explore the listing further by clicking through a virtual tour of the space, mainly if the floor plan dimensions appear promising enough to accommodate the buyer's furniture. As a result, potential buyers can envision themselves living there.

The Bottom Line 

Since 360 photography became popular in the real estate industry, the time and resources required to complete today's virtual tours have been drastically reduced.
Gone are the days of lugging around a massive CPU tower that had to scan every five feet of space. Three hundred sixty real estate cameras are now lightweight, compact, and portable. Furthermore, they are highly efficient. They can photograph an entire room in a single shot.
Furthermore, the videos and photos are adaptable across multiple camera options and post-production platforms. In other words, real estate agents can now work with more than one listing platform rather than just one. As a result, agents have greater control over their digital content.

In short, today's 360 real estate cameras are simply better — they're faster, more efficient, and less expensive.
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