The Holy Grail of 3D Animation for Short Video Commercials

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21 - April - 2022

According to recent studies, the average attention span has reduced from 12 second to 8 seconds in 2021. This demonstrates how critical it is for firms to use 3D animated brand videos to communicate their message and promote their products.  

People are not just visual learners, but they also bookmark 70 percent more video knowledge than usual text.

So, What Are the Benefits of 3D Animated Brand Videos for Businesses?  

The brain can comprehend pictures 60,000 times faster than text. So, we have a high retention rate for the films and photos we witness every day.  

Brands that use motion graphics in their marketing have a greater audience retention rate. As a result, their popularity and sales have increased.

Branding In Dubai with Animated Short Video Commercials

Animated brand videos can help you highlight your company's uniqueness and originality. We live in an era of limitless possibilities. People have been able to reinvent boundaries and communication methods thanks to the information age. 
Drawings move in 3D video, providing comic relief (if desired) and a cutting-edge aesthetic. It will be easy to introduce your clients to your products and services via videos if you've piqued their attention with a nice video.  

One of the most significant advantages of 3D animated brand videos is that they may be viewed on a variety of web platforms. 
Millions of internet users utilize social media and other platforms every day, giving you the opportunity to promote your brand to a large range of potential clients.

Be it a 10 second or 50 second video commercial, professional video production companies in UAE know how to captivate your audience.   

A once-in-a-lifetime product experience

You will stand out from the crowd with the interactive 3D animation services. You will attract viewers' attention and carefully participate in contact with the brand if you provide them with 3D material. 
As a result, brand loyalty is promoted. You bring the customer to the product and make their experience exciting and enjoyable with 3D animated brand videos.

It attracts a lot of people

A well-designed 3D animation movie can draw attention to your product and thereby engage potential customers by virtually presenting them your product in a 360-degree view.
 This allows you to teach your customers about your product and its advantages in real time, creating an engaging and memorable experience for them while also helping you increase sales.

Encourages interaction

Businesses employ animation to keep their clients interested. Innovative concepts and effects aid in the creation of animated brand videos that elicit audience participation. They will feel more connected to and interested in your brand in this manner.

A better explanation of the product

Using realistic 3D animation material simplifies things for you and your customers. 
It enables you to quickly explain your product and its application, allowing others to comprehend what your product is about in a faster and more straightforward manner.  

Everything can be better explained with a short but clear animation.

Improved Branding with Commercial Video Producer

Animation is a terrific way to promote your business. Firms might describe the objective of their business very successfully using technology and imagery.  

Well-crafted animated brand videos will linger in their minds for a long time, creating a memorable brand. As a result, it will foster individuality and magnify distinctiveness.

How Long Does a Commercial Production Studio Take to Create 3D Animated Video?

From start to end, the process should take between one and two months. A 3D video takes less time to make than a standard video campaign, which requires scriptwriters, camera operators, editors, actors, and other resources that are both costly and time-consuming.

3D animated brand videos of any sort and duration may be created in a short amount of time—we typically take 6 to 8 weeks to create and produce a high-quality product that will increase your sales and conversions.