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Event Photography

What happens at an event in Dubai, doesn’t stay just there! This is why the next time you host a wedding, festival, open house, concert or something else, you want to hire professional event photography Dubai services.  The social media world sees almost all that's happening here—and you want power of what's going out there.  

The way to do this is to hire professional event photography services in Dubai. We offer full-service event coverage with skilled photography for events of all kinds in Dubai, Abu Dhabi and UAE. So, do you have a special occasion, concert, celebration, or are actually having a party that you'd like to be filmed or photographed? Our same-day event services are available and waiting for your call.

Highly Reasonable

Event Photography Packages

Professional event photography is available for all forms of activities in Dubai. We are a full-service event company that can not only print the photographs on-site using our mobile studio, but we can also set up an iPad station with several iPads for guests to email their photos and upload them to Twitter, Facebook, and Instagram right from the event.

To house your images, we will build and maintain a custom branded website for you. We can also safely archive your images on our cloud storage for uploading and sharing online. Almost everywhere in the world, we can have simultaneous coverage of multiple events. Our same day event photography service is perfect for cases when you need coverage right away, or where you need extra hands to cover a case.

Outdoor and Indoor

Event Photography

Our outdoor and indoor event photographers are excited about catching the finest moments by taking the right images at the perfect time. During activities, our event photographers also shoot on green screens, edit, and upload simultaneously. Our photographers partner with you to find the right spot for your portrait session, assist you in relaxing in front of the camera, and deliver breathtaking images.

You need photographers who know how to get it looking good the first time if you want your company to look professional or your experience to be filmed the way you recall it. There aren't many second opportunities to have the perfect shot. And at Overlight, we have the camera skills and imaginative imagination to produce the stills you like.

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Party Photography Near Me Services?

Simply fill out the contact form so we can supply you with a quote for your event photography project. If not, have a look around to see what we can do. It is our mission to capture incredible photographs of individuals, activities, goods, and services, among other things. Our team of professional photographers has regularly achieved images that are appealing to the eye. And their high-end gear, as well as their eye for creativity and composition, are ready to turn the next photography project into a masterpiece.

Be it a big conference, a summer or Christmas party, or a year-end event. Regardless of the business case, our photographers will catch the excitement and spirit of the day through high-quality photos that will bring you back to the special day every time you see them. All of the images we take will be kept online for six months, enabling your visitors to pre-register, view, upload, and even order prints!