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Live Social Coverage & Social Media Marketing Photography

Given the sequential distribution of social media (Instagram, Facebook) live video, your page will quickly attract a captivated audience. With live social coverage and social media marketing photography, your followers get a notification when you start your live stream. The enthusiasm of live social media coverage during events fuels the viewer's immediate engagement and enhances customer interaction through likes and comments.

Live social media content services encourage customers to view the video immediately, as users know that live videos are gone after 24 hours.

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The Cherry-Picked Reasons to Choose Us for Social Media Photography

 - We use original, high-quality material for social media marketing photography, your profile, emails, and photographs.

- SEO Boost—Content affects the online rating directly! We create content to rank online, get views and likes, and get users to engage with your online content.

- Sell more online— video marketing has become a reliable promotional tool when we pair the video with a blog or add it to a website, which will help you close more deals and sell more.

- Build your brand image—Your online posts determine how people see your brand. Whether they find you online or when they refer to you, the content you post online is the first piece of information anyone sees.

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Why Big Brands Favor Us for Events' Social Media Coverage

We Create Professional Videos & Photos that Sell!

It is no secret that you need high-quality, original content added to your website and social media pages. Overlight delivers professional visual content, including photos and videos. On social media and your website, we edit and send you videos and photos ready to share. That's what makes our social media marketing photography services one of a kind.

We Are There for You and Your Brand to Be Represented!

Whether wearing your polos or t-shirts with your brand or our company t-shirts or polos, our experienced team works according to your scenarios. We are there at your event to serve you and your brand and to create content that will bring recurring value to your company.

We Create the Buzz

If you like, we can take photo props to engage with your crowd and make your audience engage with your company, or, as per the event, we can even take pictures in the background with limited to no intrusions. That's what makes our social media marketing photography services preferred by big brands all over the UAE.

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Why You Need Professional Corporate Event Management Companies

Your website is the first experience prospective buyers get from your company in this new age. You begin to create trust and reputation with your audience by getting safe, deliberate and well-shot photos on your web! Getting the beauty of professional photographers expresses the polish and care that your business will possibly extend to a client in an environment dominated by social media.

In ads, social media is a guiding power. Let our professional social media marketing photography services supply your social media posts and ad campaigns with personalized images! 

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Types of Social Media Marketing Photography

There are several types of photography, whether it be a landscape portrait of a view of the ocean or a black and white family picture shoot. Our professional photographer will assist you in determining which one is suitable for your needs. For creative, product and real estate photography, we also have services.

Our creative social media marketing photography agency has years of experience in custom advertisement imagery, including product shots of electronics, corporate photos, in-house culinary design and photo shoots and product shots of consumer products. For use on blogs, print and internet advertisements, and social media, we produce printed and web-ready images.