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Engage More Audience with Explainer Video Infographic

Engagement starts with photos and infographic explainer videos. Social media users are visual people who prefer videos to significant texts. So rather than losing the interest of your followers over a plain, blocky paragraph explaining your items, you can use infographics that explain why they should purchase and share the post with their friends.

Overlight, the best infographic design company in Dubai, helps you to present complex data or concepts amusingly and understandably. The power of infographic videos can alter the way you do business. Our infographic videos, based on the information provided in them, are vibrant and well-designed.

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Various Options for Infographic Video Production

2D Explainer Infographic Video

In 2D infographic videos, we use flat shapes and icons with fundamental animated 2d transitions. They are also a cost-effective tool for brand recognition and internal communication.

2.5D Explainer Infographic Video

2.5D infographics are ideally suited to corporate and informative videos. These motion graphics clips give you a visual sense of 3d and help you stand out from the rest.

3D Explainer Infographic Video

These animated video styles are commonly used for product demos, explanatory, and advertisement videos. We usually write 3D-modelled objects or cartoon characters with motion infographics for special effects together here.

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Mixed Media Video with Infographics

The concept is to associate mixed media animation videos with the real world to help you innovate by allowing you to play around with different media. Choosing the right media is the formula for telling memorable stories in this animation style.

Infographic videos are videos focused on 2D and classic design and animation. Infographic videos have unique qualities that any other advertisement medium cannot undermine. At the best and most affordable rates, we are a top-notch video production and marketing business providing fantastic animation services. Infographic videos are one of the most potent and targeted means of communication to increase the number of visitors and individuals aware of your brand or goods.

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Best Infographic Design Company

Nowadays, as they realize its strength, brands with websites that distribute content on their social networks provide animated infographics. An animated infographic video enhances your product's interaction.

Infographics + Video = Success

The animated explainer video infographic gives you the opportunity to view complex knowledge or concepts in a fun and easy-to-understand way. The power of video infographics will alter the way you do business. It's your motto to achieve success. You may adapt or neglect it. It depends on you.

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Deliver Clear Cut Message with Our Explainer Videos

We ensure that every infographic video we produce at Overlight is attractive and aesthetic. And, to read it, call your reader, thus retaining the image of the brand. Your audience sometimes does not remember the object, but it is left with an image in its infographic header. Therefore, the smallest detail is taken care of by us.

According to the data provided in it, our infographic video is clear and well built. It is a technique which we use to increase the time spent on your website as a marketing strategy.

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How Long Does It Take to Produce Explainer Video Infographic?

An infographic video is a graphic and visual representation that uses pictures, sketches, graphics or visual elements to depict and summarize the contents of a given subject. There are various elements combined in every infographic video.

At Overlight, it takes an average of 2-4 weeks for our diverse team of designers and animators to create an excellent infographic video for each client. Innovative, enjoyable and reaching millions of people via social networks are our Infographics videos.