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Professionals at our animated explainer video company ensure that the correct appreciation of your work is obtained and we make it happen through our impeccable work ethic and loyal teams. 3D animation helps you to easily express yourself, improve your company and attract more and more leads. Experts do the animation job here we give you the best experience.

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The third D in 3D may very well stand for depth that is added to the equation by the additional dimension animation. Our animated explainer video company in Dubai produce realistic images that are used in big film pictures, TV commercials, video games and many other applications in different industries. The process is an effective digital marketing tool that delivers dynamic and compelling content that drives the interest of the viewer.

Significant advancements in animation technology development, processing, and preservation have altered the popularity and effect of animation applications worldwide. At Overlight, creative designers and animators use state-of-the-art equipment and processes to produce 3D images for a wide variety of industries and applications.

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At Overlight, we have a team of 3D animation creators in diverse fields of animation and we are able to bring both concepts and paper prototypes to life by using the most powerful techniques. The following solutions are used in our animated explainer video company:

    -  3D Logo Design

    -  3D Simulations

    -  3D Character Animation / Cartoon Animation

    -  3D Prototypes

    -  3D Graphics

    -  3D Tours (Real Estate / Property / Interiors)

    -  3D Product Views

    -  3D Modeling

    -  3D Animated Movies / Short Films / Videos

    -  Special Effects

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The animation captures the nature and characteristics of the device from various perspectives and offers the user a virtual image of the product.  

Overlight is one of the leading providers of animation services in the UAE and MENA region. As well as world-class animation facilities, we are well known for artistic, appealing and groundbreaking animations.  

To design 3D animation systems, we use the newest techniques and animation tools to keep you well ahead of your rivals by showcasing your services and goods in the most enticing and creative way.

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With professionals from different disciplines, we are fortunate to have a professionally sound team. At Overlight, 3D animation experts strive to serve our clients with the most creative and immersive experiences.

With artistic freedom, our team of animation developers works and uses the new methods and tools to carry your ideas to life. Our experts pay attention to textures, minute details, angles, etc., to create imaginative and practical 3D animations.

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Turnaround Time
The main problem for many companies is the gap in production time when selecting their animation partner. At Overlight, within the specified timeline, we have records of achieving what we promised. The team of specialists at our animated explainer video company will keep you up-to-date on the success of your idea on a timely basis, ensuring that your vision becomes a reality quickly.

The confidentiality of your venture is very important to us at Overlight, and we pay particular attention to data privacy and protection. Our experts appreciate the value of data protection and are well educated in the process of quality management. We periodically back up all project files and safeguard them with the best security firewalls.

Cartoon and Film Editing Services

at Overlight

The helping hand in multiplication or movie editing as well as footage rendering and script writing is supported by our 3D animation business. You will have total freedom here to bring to life your pictures and ideas. At any moment, our professional and ambitious editors, animators and script writers are at your service!

We encourage you to email our animated explainer video company managers if you still have any concerns or do not know how to proceed, and we will send you a piece of advice and advise you on any problems. We review and evaluate the assignment with you for free and are able to offer extra assistance if you need it.

With the aid of the unique 3D vision, let's leave the 2D animation on the drawing board and show our ideas so that audiences can reflect on how lovely and adorable it is while you enjoy your animated stuff.