We are a highly dynamic creative bunch who specializes in delivering 360 production services.

At Overlight, we pride ourselves on the fact that we leave nothing to chance when working with you. Everything is clear and calculated, just like the gracefulness of an overlight. We don't believe is philosophizing "good work" so what others might position to you as a “luxury” in the level of work, we offer as part of our default project plan. We come to you armed with years of experience photography, videography, animation, editing, directing and creating visual stories with a solid understanding of the local market. Our team is a diverse mixture of storytellers with a keen eye for details and the passion to be your Overlight in manifesting disruptive visual content.


It is a long established fact that a reader will be distracted readable


Capturing silent moments that speak volumes.

In the art of photography focus is key. It matters in the lens as much as it does in the thought underlying every shutter click. We offer professional photography services to clients who wish to promote their business and products online. We guarantee that every photo is compelling, pixel perfect and serves its purpose.

Our photography services expand to include: Product Photography, Food Photography, Interior Photography, Events Photography, Fashion Photography and Kids Photography

Production Services

We take the big picture and set it in motion

We meticulously take care of the artistic outcome, but what truly sets us apart is the clarity with which we progress from pre-production to post production. It all starts with understanding our clients’ needs and bring them visually to life. Once the vision is created, we work effortlessly towards it with the help of our highly dynamic and professional team and high-end production equipment.

Working towards each production, we go through the following phases:
Pre-production: Brainstorming, Script Writing and Storyboarding
Post production: Editing, Coloring, Subtitling and Sound mixing and SFX

Animation Services

We bring together the worlds of animation and screen-casting to provide you with a truly impressive visual experience using the most advanced techniques. This includes one or more of the following:

Storytelling scripted Animation
Whiteboard Animation
2D Motion Graphics
3D Animation

Social Media Content

Video marketing has become one of the most impactful means to build a brand. Studies show that 74% of users who watched an explainer video about a product subsequently bought it. And we have a knack for creating great videos and have them featured on our clients' websites, social media platforms and boost them as part of a social media campaign.

Our social media packages include: Promotional Video Productions and Photography, Short Story Animations, Infographic Videos, Live Social Coverage, Social Media Video Marketing, Animated Instagram Stories and Social Media Photography Package